Brock Street Brewing Company

Our Name

Brock Street Brewing Company’s founders are very fond of Whitby’s historic downtown.  In their youth, two of Brock St. Brewing Company’s founders spent much of their time in the shops, restaurants, and bars in the area.  Brock St. Brewing Company name pays tribute to the historic importance of Brock Street. The Street conveniently intersects old Kingston Road (Hwy 2/Dundas Street/King Street) and was once a stopping point for royalty, prime ministers, and other dignitaries traveling east from Toronto to Kingston, Montreal, or Ottawa.

Brock St. Brewing Company’s permanent production facility and retail store on Hopkins Street opened its doors to the public on April 25, 2015.  At present, Brock Street Brewing Company is working with the Town’s planning department to rezone 244 Brock St South in to create a brand new 19,000 sq foot production facility and restaurant, which, once complete will bringing hundreds of new jobs and thousands of new visitors and residents to Whitby’s downtown core.  Opening for the new facility will be early in 2017.